Who We Are?

Our Mission

To Inspire A New Generation Of  People Knowing How To Work With Their Hands

We will fulfill our mission through case studies of our own projects and giving you the insight into the tools you may need.

T-38 Student

Hey there, how are you doing? Thanks for dropping by to see me. I’m surprised you really wanted to know more about me DIWHY Guy.

Well I am not sure where to start. Let’s see I am married to Mrs. DIWHY Guy and we have a couple of children. I have always had a curiosity for how things work.

I have spent most of my teen and early adult years working with my hands. I started in a body shop working on cars, spent some time in college hanging sheetrock, then spent 2 ½ years working in the college’s plant operations working on the college vehicles. I had spent so much time working on cars that I could look at a nut or bolt and tell you what size it was. While I wasn’t turning a wrench for the college I was working on two degrees in accounting.

First, I earned my undergraduate degree in accounting. Next, I took a one years Masters of Accountancy so I could sit for the CPA exams which I did and passed all 4 sections on my first attempt.

My professional career started off kind of boring. I ran excel spreadsheets for a major gas retailer keeping up with rebates from their vendors. Blehhhh! I then went to work for a gasoline wholesaler as their treasurer. I got to keep signed checks in my desk and write out $1,000,000 checks. At 25 I was responsible for most of the cash of a company that did over $200,000,000 in revenue each year, most of those dollars crossed my desk in one way or another. I briefly left that company for a brief stint in public accounting. You want to know what they don’t teach you in business school about accounting? It’s that you are a glorified babysitter for your clients or operations/sales if you are in industry. I went back to the gas wholesaler for about 2 more years and then I made a huge change.

I joined the military to be a pilot. As I type this out now I have given up my CPA license and daily I get to slip the surly bonds of earth and dance among the clouds as a military instructor pilot. On top of all this stuff I was in scouting and earned the rank of Eagle Scout so I got to do a bunch of other cool stuff too. As you can see from this brief synopsis of my professional life I am kind of like a serial doer always seeking something new. Below is a brief list of hobbies and things I have done in my life;




Beer brewing



Candle making

Farm Hand

Motorcycle riding

Automotive Repair

Small engine repair




Flying (Yes I was inverted)



Investing (stocks & options)

Framing (just the basics)

Electrical (Definitely just the basics here)

Operated heavy equipment

The list goes on, but I am getting bored typing all that stuff out and I am sure you are tired of reading it.

Actually, I am surprised you made it this far down the page without clicking off. Anyways, I wanted to take my experience and put them down on the page to help educate people. I feel like the previous generations got all these cool learning experiences and new a little bit about alot of things. To be honest one of the inspirations for this website was a stack of books that I found that used to belong to grandfather. It was called the DIY encyclopedia you can actually download it from archive.org. I think it would be awesome if we got a movement of do it yourselfers out there taking on projects and learning new things. I will document some of my projects I am working on or have worked on, often times asking why I got myself into this, hence the “WHY” portion of the websites name.

I will also be reviewing tools and products that are related to these products. Now unlike some of the other reviews that you may find out there. Let me make a not so exhaustive list of tools I have used before;




Screw Drivers


Miter Saws

Circular Saws

Reciprocating Saws

Table Saws



Lawn Mowers


Skid Steers

And the list goes on. The one difference between any of my tool reviews and most of the other reviews out there is I have actually used these tools. I understand the frustration of having a faulty tool, or a tool that is not cut out for the job you are working on.

So, hopefully you will find this website as a valuable resource as you start trying your hands at new things. I look forward to hearing about the awesome projects you created or did and how they turned out.